LOCKWOOD BROTHERS, INCLockwood has been responsible for the handling and transportation of cargo ranging in weight from 100 to 700 tons - nuclear steam generators, transformers, boilers, condensers, pressure vessels, yankee dryers, petrochemical tanks and more.  This cargo has also ranged dimensionally up to 180 feet in length, 105 feet in height and 40 feet in width.  Lockwood caters to the power, paper, oil, nuclear, chemical and defense industries. We also have erected six world-class roller coasters at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA.

With its team of engineers and project managers, Lockwood can provide you with a single source for your transportation needs.  Lockwood's team of professionals average over 25 years of field operations experience.  Lockwood is not a broker. Our managers direct your entire project.

When your project requires the complex tasks of obtaining permits, insurance issues, coordinating the many types of transportation services, to complex rigging and handling procedures, then your next call should be to Lockwood Brothers, Inc.


•  Erected six World Class Roller Coasters for Busch Gardens Williamsburg
• Installed the World’s largest electric motor in the National Transonic Facility for NASA
• Transported the gun turret and the steam engine propulsion system from the civil warship, the USS Monitor from the bottom of the ocean to the Mariner’s Museum for historic conservation
• Handled more “Yankee Dryers” for the tissue paper industry than any other transporter in the USA, with deliveries to Mexico, Germany, England, Australia, Columbia, Chile and Canada.
• First Company to relocate contaminated Nuclear Steam Generators to Nuclear Disposal Site via Barge.
• Hung Aircraft from the ceiling for the Virginia Air and Space Museum
• Crane, Rigging and Hauling support for the Largest Naval Fleet in the World
• Provided turnkey transportation services of hauling, barge transportation and final heavy hauling of Nuclear Steam Generators up to 800 tons in weight.
• Held Maintenance Contract for Wind Tunnels for NASA-Langley
• Received forty 77’ long beer fermentation tanks from transatlantic ship to Lockwood barge, barged inland and then trucked 110 miles through the mountains to brewery site with a travel height in excess of 21’.
• Provided turnkey services to disassemble, transport by barge and reassemble at destination a 500 ton port crane from South Carolina to Ohio on the Great Lakes
• Erected the Concrete Side Panels forming the Hampton Coliseum
• Loaded, hauled, and barged an 1100 ton spent reactor pressure vessel from Wiscasset, ME along the East Coast of USA, up Savannah River to disposal site in Barnwell, SC.
• Received, stored, prepped and delivered 24 turbines & generators for TEPCO, Japan in 1983, along with 48 HRSG Boxes
• Transported a 45 foot tall boiler via tug & barge from Erie, PA to a power plant in Boston, MA
• Provided barge transport and 200 miles of rail transportation services of a 18 foot diameter paper mill dryer drum from Florida to South Central Georgia.